Using Eulogy Examples To Create a Compelling Eulogy

A eulogy is the last act of kindness that we can do for a person who meant so much to us. Standing up before family and friends and telling what a great person this man or woman was, can allow closure and allow people to relive some fond memories. Oftentimes, the eulogy is meant to be an ice breaker, or a time when reflection of the past brings healing to the present. There are many different avenues that you can take with a eulogy, and they can be as vast as a person’s personality.

Why the Eulogy Is Important

The eulogy is one of the most important parts of a funeral service. This is a special time when others will get to share the memories and laugh at the good times in this person’s life. While most people know what they want to say, it is how to write a eulogy that stumps most. Because this is public speaking, it has the need to be a crowd pleasure, yet showcase this person’s life for the wonderful human being they were. The best option for writing a eulogy is to use a downloadable eulogy writing product. These products will allow you to write a great and emotional moving speech about the person, their lives, their accomplishments and family. The whole idea of a eulogy is to remember, but often people struggle to put all of these memories into writing. While you may know what you want to say in your mind, getting those thoughts on paper into an actual speech is easier said than done.

How To Use Eulogy Examples To Write

There are many great examples of eulogies that have been used that are easy to obtain. A downloadable eulogy writing product will not only have a guideline for you to follow, but it will allow you to create a spectacular eulogy tailored around the style you select. If you want to write a speech that is funny and showcases the fun side of this person’s life, this product can help. If you choose to go the other route and move the crowd to tears, it can help with that style of writing too. Here are some great tips on how to write a eulogy and make sure it is done right:

Be Modest-There are only a few minutes to give the eulogy. While it is an important part of the funeral service, it is not the only part. People will become bored if you ramble on, so keep it short and sweet.

Read and Re-Read– Once you have got everything down on paper, read it out loud. Oftentimes, we can easily find the mistakes in our work just by simply reciting it.

What Would This Person Want You To Say– If this person was sitting down with you, what would they want you to say about their lives? Try to keep the eulogy around what they would think was appropriate and avoid things they would not want told.

What Is Special about This Person– The entire goal of this speech is to preserve the memory of this person and create a few laughs along the way? If it is a father, how did they change your life? If the relationship is that of a friend, what important role did they play in life’s journey? Share the great personality and accomplishments of this person and let those who maybe were not as close as you the opportunity to see who they really were.

Get Input from Others– While you may have one side of memories, another person may have a totally different take on this person. Get funny stories, sad stories and plenty of input from other family and friends and incorporate this into the writing

Make Sure to Stay on Track– It is easy to ramble, especially when the nerves take over in public speaking. Clearly define the speech with a beginning, middle and ending. Start with a brief overview of the person and their life, then talk about their accomplishments, and then talk about how much they will be missed. The end is also a great time to talk about the memories they have left you with. The audience will get bored very quickly, so keep it humble and don’t ramble.

End on a high Note– While you may move the audience to laughter and then to tears, you always want to end positive and on the lighter side. If a person has a favorite saying, use that as the ending of the eulogy. Funerals are hard enough, making sure that people have something that they can take with them, like a great memory is a great gift for grieving people.

Eulogy Example For A Father

Here is an example of a funeral speech that was prepared for a father. This might give some ideas to what a downloadable eulogy writing product can write:

From humble beginnings, my father grew up in Lynchburg, VA. He never had a great deal of material things as a child, but he was rich on love. He was blessed to have both a mother and father to raise and nurture him. He was one of three children, and his brother and sister were his best friends. He was normal just like every other little boy, but he would grow up to be a superstar.

While he never achieved fame or fortune in this life, he certainly laid up treasures in heaven with all his works here on earth. He was the kind of man that would stop and give a beggar a dollar for a sandwich, even if it meant he went without lunch himself that day. There were many times he would go the extra mile for someone, like the time he ran to Ohio from Virginia to take a friend to see his ailing father and pawned his watch for the gas money. When he was hit with a stroke in 1986, the doctors told him he would never work another day in his life, but my dad was too strong for that. When the doctors looked at him and wanted to sign the disability papers, my father replied “I have four babies at home waiting on Christmas from their daddy, disability is not an option.” Though he struggled, he went on to work another 20 years, and yes we did have Christmas that year and every other year.

He was the strongest man I know and one I will always hold dear. His memories will live on even though his body is at rest. He lived a great life and he gave all the love and attention he had to his four children. I find great comfort in what he would always say to his children, “Turn the lights out, get in bed, and I will see you in the morning.” For now, Dad, I will see you in the morning. If you want a great eulogy site, please check out

Self-Assurance of a Job Well Done

While the eulogy for father cited above is more focused on the sentimental side, there are truly numerous ways to do the funeral speech. After the speech is completed, try reading it to family and friends. Make sure that you feel comfortable in with what you have prepared and that it is not too sappy that you cannot make it through without a major breakdown. Downloadable programs can help you create great eulogy examples, just like the one above.