Examples of Eulogies for a Great Funeral Speech

Those who love public speaking will have no issues creating a great eulogy. While talking about the end of someone’s life can be rather depressing, the goal is to focus on the accomplishments and to stir memories within each member of the audience. A funeral speech is not something that should be taken lightly and there should be plenty of thought and research put into the preparation process.

Getting Help in Writing Funeral Speeches

Looking at examples of eulogies that can be found online will give great resources for drafting that perfect funeral speech. Because you only get one chance to get this right, a downloadable eulogy writing course may be just the answer. Make it powerful and make it factually correct because there are no re-dos in funeral speeches. These downloadable programs can help you draft the speech you are looking for. Some people tend to stick with the facts and not put much emotion into their speech, while others pour their sweat and tears into a speech worthy of royalty. Whichever method you choose to go, a writing course may be the path to get you there.

How to Write A Eulogy

The first and foremost thing to remember when writing a eulogy is to speak from the heart; talk about the accomplishments of this person. The speech should have a clear defined starting and stopping point and there should be little rambling on, as this will lose attention quickly. Stories are always a great way to get the crowd’s attention. People love to hear stories they already know or perhaps new ones they didn’t know about. It is always nice to make the crowd smile or even chuckle a bit. Remember, this is a memorial and there is mourning taking place, and laughter is the best medicine. However; remember the setting, mix humor with heart felt, affectionate stories for a good mix.

Unlike a public speech at college or other assignments, no one is here to judge your talents. In fact, the people are here for the dearly departed person, so anything you add just makes the service nice. People look forward to the eulogy, because it is the one point in the service where they don’t feel pressure and can relax, if just for a minute. Other points in the services, like songs, can have people crying and usually the eulogy is rather lighthearted. You are probably wondering how to write a eulogy that will move the crowed, but you will be able to get through without a breakdown yourself? Using a downloadable eulogy writing course will give you the tips you need to make a great funeral speech.

Samples Of Great Eulogies

Here are some great examples of eulogies that may be helpful in creating your speech. The first one is dealing with a daughter who had leukemia and the second one is for a man who lived a full life. The eulogy must be tailored and go around the circumstances to make it factual but tactful.

•Sample 1 “Eulogy Of Our Daughter”

Haley was our first born and our only beloved daughter. When she took her first steps I remember the look of joy on her father’s face and the horror on mine. I knew that from that point on there was no stopping her. She always seemed to have more than a zest for life and oftentimes it got her into trouble. She hit the floor running at only 8 months, and she ran and searched all through life for ways to fulfill and help others, especially animals.

Her passion and love for animals found us in many interesting situations. One summer day, as I sat outside enjoying the sun, Haley came running with a dog she found. This was not just any dog; it was a pitiful, dirty mutt that was on his last leg. This lonely, shaggy stranger was wondering around our neighborhood in need of a home. He was eaten up with fleas and had some open wounds, but looked at her with love. Ten years later that dog is still here and was Haley’s best friend and without her is lost.

Haley was a perfectionist. Whenever she did anything, she made sure it was perfect. She was an excellent student and a good friend to many. She was on the debate team and the school secretary at her high school. She educated others about her medical condition and wanted people to know all about Leukemia. When her brother came along two years ago, I thought she would be jealous.

Instead of feeling pangs of jealousy, she opened her heart and became his second mother. What I will remember most about Hailey is her sense of humor. She had the ability to brighten a room and make anyone laugh. Though she was sick for a great bit of her life and had to deal with many treatments, she never let that keep her down. While her life was cut tragically short, I am sure she is making Heaven smile, as she always added an extra spark to where ever she was. Haley was the kind of person that you meet once in a lifetime and her memory will live on in all of those who love her.

• Sample 2 “Eulogy Of Uncle Joe”

Family and friends we’ve gathered here today to say our goodbyes and to pay tribute to a great man. Uncle Joe was an inspiration to all he came in contact with. Born in a holler of Kentucky, the odds were stacked against him with education not being of great importance at that time. Uncle Joe wanted to be a teacher. He knew that to be a teacher it would take great work and much study, but he was up for the challenge. He accomplished his dream much later in life, after being married and having 1 child, he was finally a teacher.

Uncle Joe wasn’t the richest man, but he was special to his students and family. Everyone that came in contact with him fell in love with him. I was born when Uncle Joe was well into his 60’s. I have lots of memories of him through the years, all good. My fondest memory of him was at Christmas in 1994. I had just graduated from high school and I knew Joe didn’t have much money. He came to my graduation in his colorful sports jacket with a small gift in hand. I was anxious to see what was inside because I knew if it was from him, it had to be well thought out. Inside the box was something I will treasure forever, a diamond pendant. This pendant belonged to his great grandmother and since he didn’t have a daughter to pass it down to, he wanted it to go to me.

Uncle Joe and I spend a great deal of time researching genealogy and learning about our family. He was still teaching when he was taken from us. Although Uncle Joe is in heaven now, I am sure he is teaching them all a thing or too there and including a funny story in-between. He was a great man and one that will be thoroughly missed.

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